The highest integrated capability delivered from the smallest most powerful Tactical Mission System


The C-LITE Tactical Mission System has been designed by C2UK to address the increasing Size, Weight and Power constraints associated with modern military vehicles while addressing the demand for greater situational awareness.  C-LITE delivers a highly compact solution with an extremely low power demand to provide an unparalleled level of mission systems integration and distribution.


The ability to deliver a true integration of the ever increasing number of mission systems is provided through the simultaneous electronic management of multiple mission systems such as Optics, Sensors, Communications, GPS, and Force Tracking through a single unit.


C-LITE ensures that this data is distributed in the correct format to the users and, if needed, to additional users in other vehicles.  The ability to add mission specific modules has been designed in to C-LITE through the provision of an expansion port for Radio Gateways, BLOS, Satcom on the Move, etc.


The design of C-LITE draws from vast end user experience and addresses not only the functionality of the system but also its' installation.  Given the fully integrated benefits of C-LITE as a single unit, the need for multiple sets of cabling and connectors has been removed, which vastly reduces not only the space taken within the vehicle but also the number of required connections.


C-LITE has been independently tested by TRaC www.tracglobal.com and accredited to Land Class A EMC and DEF-STAN 59-411. Download the report


Key Features



Download the latest data sheet for C-LITE using the link below for the latest technical data and specification.


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